So Me is a French director-graphic designer-photographer-musician-artistic director based in Paris.
He is the mastermind behind the powerful image of Ed Banger Records, home to Justice, Sebastian, Breakbot, Busy P, which he joined at the age of 23 at the end of his graphic design studies. A real key element of the label, he gave it its distinct identity: a profusion of typographies and colorful drawings, playful references to pop culture.

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So Me started directing for Ed Banger’s artists, Justice and Dj Mehdi in 2005-2006, sometimes associating graphic elements with his images of street culture and urban tribes. In 2008, he co-directed with Romain Gavras the documentary “Across the Universe” about Justice.
In 2006, he won an MTV Award for the music video for Justice’s “ We Are Your Friends ”. A year later, Kanye West asked him to work on the animation of his music video “ The Good life” directed by Jonas et François, followed by videos for Kid Cudi, MGMT, Duck Sauce, Jackson and his Computer Band…
His work as a commercials director and photographer features brands such as Apple, Adidas, Heineken, Lacoste, Nike, Courrège, or Christian Dior…
Among all of this, So Me was the creative director of the magazine l’Officiel since 2014, started his own line of clothing called Cool Cats, and opened the boutique Club 75 (clothing, graphic art, music) in Paris.
In 2013, he made a photo - album : « Travail, Famille, Party » for the ten years anniversary of Ed Banger.

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