Alice Moitié is a young French photographer based in Paris.

Alice’s modernity and very own photographic style flows in every portrait. Casualness, grace, strangeness, idleness, intensity, and spontaneity: her eye is a formidable freshness and vibrancy fixer. « I only work with films for the deepness of colors » she says.

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Attracted by graphic composition, she has a clear aesthetic with ultra saturated primary colors.

Alice Moitié has collaborated with many fashion brands. Among them Gkero, &Other Stories, Nike, Adidas, Puma, Surface to Air, Givenchy, Chatelles have commissioned her for lookbooks or campaigns.

She also signed The Do’s « shake shook shaken » album’s cover and shot series for fashion magazines such as ELLE, Vogue, Jalouse, Blast, I-D, L’Obs, Intersection…

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